Susat Civil War Antiques



    This 1795 musket is interesting.  . First thing you notice is the the lock is rounded like later locks.  The lock as well as the rest of the musket has the typical features of a 1795 - flat lockplate  and hammer, band spring behind the barrel bands, comb on the stock.  The musket is original flint and has a grey patina.  The lock is marked with a script US between the hammer and the pan and "1812" behind the hammer.  The barrel has a "P"  over and eagle head over a "V".  The buttplate is dated 1812 on the tang.  While the marks on the musket are similar to Springfield marks there is no "SPRINGFIELD" or eagle on the lockplate.  I suspect then that this musket was made at the time from Springfield parts sold before being assembled.  Robert Reilly's book "United States Martial Flintlocks" has an interesting examples of muskets made for New York State by Smith Cogswell.  One example mentioned has springfield type proof marks on the barrel and another has the script US on the lock with a 1811 date on the tail of the lockplate.  Refer page 80.  This contractor began operation in either 1812 or 1813 and there is no record of deliveries after the war of 1812 period.  The examples given are marked with either an "SC" or "S. Cogswell" and it is mentioned that Cogswell possibly used Springfield parts.  And Reilly mentions that this contractors muskets have a detachable brass pan and later mentions a example that has an integral pan which would be iron.  The musket I have for sale does not have Cogswell marks and while it is not know if Cogswell marked all his muskets either.  I mention Cogswell to show that there is evidence of at least one war of 1812 contractor that possibly used surplu Springfield parts.  

    It is a well made serviceable musket.  Also it looks like it was hit by a small bullet such as a buckshot.  The impact is on the reverse side between the lower band and the sideplate.  The only damage was to the stock and it is worn like the musket was carried for some time after the impact.   SOLD