Susat Civil War Antiques


    153 NY Grouping.       SOLD

    This grouping consists of:

    1862 Dated London Armory Enfield Rifle musket with Enfield Bayonet

    Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box with sling and SNY plate

    Waist Belt with Cap Pouch and Bayonet Scabbard

    Canteen with cover and sling

    1862 LAC Enfield

        This Enfield is a FINE to EXCELLENT example of a scarce example.  The London Armory produced fully interchangable Pattern 1853 Enfields.  These differed from the other London and Birmingham patterns is several small ways in addition to being fully machine made.  This example is marked with the 1862 over LA Co in front of the hammer and a Crown over VR behind the lock.  the metal is a faded grey indicating faded case hardening colors.  The Barrel has much to most of the original bluing.  Areas are faded to a plum brown color, but much is still blue.  The proof marks are London and there are two places above the proofs that are marked LAC in small letters.  The stock is solid and smooth with only a few small dings.  It has good corners and smooth flats.  It is marked with the 1862 London Armory Roundel in the butt face.  The side lock washers are rounded which is correct for LAC production.   Two letters are carved on the stock "AC"  The bore is bright with strong rifling.  It has the original cone protector attached by a chain,  

    The leather accoutrements consist of the Pattern 1861 cartridge box with sling, plates and tins.  And a waist belt with bayonet scabbard and cap pouch.  The cartridge box, cap pouch and waist belt are all marked "L. S. Baker New York"  L S Baker was the Wife of John Baker who founded the business.  He Passed away in 1862 while serving at the front in a New York regiment.  Laura ran the business until 1864 when she merged with another accoutrement maker.  This mark is from her time of operation of the firm 1962- 1864.  The cartridge box is complete and has all buckles, straps firmly attached.  The leather is solid and the stitching is tight.  The SNY plate has scratched on it "Charles Abeling".  The waist belt is marked near the brass keeper and is full length.  It has a reinforcing piece of thin leather glued on the underside at the buckle end.  With the buckle removed there is a break in the original leather extending from the edge of the belt to one of the buckle holes.  The cap pouch is clearly marked on the inner flap and is complete.  One of the waist belt loops pulled out and has been reattached.  

    The canteen is complete with coarse jean cover and full cotton sling.  There is some wear on the cover.   

    Charles Abeling was born in Germany in 1840 and emigrated to the US in the 1840 with his family.  They appear on the 1850 census and the 1860 census.  He lived in Canajoharie, New York.  He enlisted in Company F 153rd New York Infantry in April 1865 and was discharged in May 1865.  This grouping surfaces from an attic in Syracuse, NY about 40 years ago and went into a private collection.