Susat Civil War Antiques


    Whitney Navy Revolver 


    Whitney is familiar to the Antique Firearm collector.  Whitney produced flintlock muskets for the US Army.  In the 1850s the firm branched out into pistols.  First with some pocket designs and then with this navy size revolver.  This design was produced throughout the Civil War.  Total production of the Navy revolvers was about 25000.  

    This example is almost in the middle of production.  The serial number matches on the frame, loading lever, triggerguard and grips.  The firm name is clear and readable on the barrel.  There are military sub inspectors initials on some of the metal parts.  However the grips do not have a visible inspectors cartouche.  There are a few areas of pitting, and the metal is a smooth grey patina.  The action works well.  The grips are solid with a few dings.  According to the serial number this is an early 4th model.