Susat Civil War Antiques

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    This is an example of the Whitney Navy Revolver produced and used in the Civil War.  About 32000 of these pistols were produced between 1856 and 1864. Army and Navy purchases totaled a little over 14,000.  This particular example was purchased by the Federal Government.  It has the remnant of a inspectors cartouche in the left grip.  Also there are single letter inspectors marks on the barrel, frame, loading lever and trigger guard.  The basic pistol is a 6 shot 36 caliber single revolver.  The barrel is 7 1/2 inches long and marked "E WHITNEY  N. HAVEN" in two lines on the barrel.  On this example the barrel address is quite deep and readable.  The serial number "16677" is stamped on the barrel and the loading lever.   

    The action is strong and locks up nicely.  There is no finish remaining but the metal is a pleasing dull grey color with only scattered area of light pitting.  The wood grips fit nice and have very little in the way of dents and marks.  There is a little cylinder scene remaining.  It was known to be quite light.