Susat Civil War Antiques


    Whitney Navy Revolver.  SOLD

    Whitney began producing a 36 caliber Navy revolver in the late 1850's.  I January 1858 he offered to sell 300 of his navy revolvers to the US Army.  In 1860 Both Maryland and Virginia bought some navy revolvers.  With the start of the Civil War sales increased with purchases by the Federal government, state governments and individuals.  The First Model revolver had a frame that surrounded the cylinder though the top strap was rather thin.  The triggerguard was iron.  Whitney was constantly improving his design.  By 1860 several design changes were incorporated.  The six shot revolver had the frame strengthened, the triggerguard was changed to brass and a loading lever was added.  These changes were made around serial number 2000.  Also a single safety notch was added for the hammer to rest.  Later an additional 5 notches were added.  During the next 4 years total production would exceed 30000 and sales would include both the army and navy.  

    This example is serial number 2254 and was produced in 1860.  It is marked "E WHITNEY"  "N HAVEN" on the top flat of the barrel.  The serial number is marked on the underside of the barrel and on the loading lever.  The metal is smooth grey with bluing remaining on the barrel.  It is about 15 to 20 percent.  The pistol is all original and functions well.  The wood grips are very nice with varnish remaining.  They are stamped with a matching serial number inside.  The cylinder is smooth and has only one safety notch.  This example is the second model type 1.