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  • US Pattern 1857 Cartridge Box - JPittman


    Pattern 1857 69 Cal Round Ball Cartridge Box.    SOLD

    This is a scarce cartridge box.  With the adoption of new model arms In 1855 the army decided to modify the design and size of the cartridge box.  A new pattern was adopted on 1857 and production started on the new pattern.  It is quite similar to the previous pattern, P1839.  The size was changed to hold the new 58 caliber ammunition. Also waist belt loops were added to the body of the box.  These loops were sewn only and had no rivets.  With the start of the war in 1861 the army issued large numbers of the smooth bore 69 caliber muskets.  The summer of 1861 contracts were issued for 69 cal round ball boxes in the new pattern 1857.  Number produced were small and most if not all were issued.  

    This example is marked as being made by Pittman.  It is in the NY style.  Note that the waist belt loops are spread apart.  The New York contracts used a different pattern than the Allegheny Arsenal.  Allegheny Arsenal placed the waste belt loops centered and that became the standard for the Pattern 1861 cartridge boxes.    The box is in very nice condition with all buckles and straps firmly attached.  The tins and plate are present.  The marking on the inner flap is sharp and readable.  

    A very nice example of a scarce box.