Susat Civil War Antiques


    Springfield 1855.  ON HOLD

    The 1855 series of arms was a large step forward for the army.  With the adoption of Burton's bullet, often called the minie ball, all infantry longarms were rifled.  The caliber was changed to 58 and a Maynard tape primer system was adopted.  The Maynard tape primer system had been issued and tried in frontier posts located in Texas and New Mexico, where it worked well.  Later in use in eastern coastal posts with the higher humidity and rain, performance was affected.  

    This example is dated 1859 on the lock.  The lock is complete and functional.  The door is origional and the primer mechanism is complete. The barrel is 40" long and has a grey patina with areas of pitting.  The breech has some heavier wear.  The date is almost gone with hints remains.  The eagle head proof mark is visible.  The rear sight is first type rear sight.  The barrel and stock are full length.  The stock is solid with bumps and bruises showing use.  I see only hints of a cartouche in the wood.