Susat Civil War Antiques


    Smith & Wesson No 2 Army


    Smith and Wesson owned the patent on the bored through cylinder.  This is a 32 caliber rimfire cartridge revolver.  These were introduced in 1861 and produced until 1874.  The total production was 77,155.  Pistols under serial number 35,731 are considered Civil War era.  they went through some minor modifications during their production.  This example has three pins on the top hinge.  It also has a dot after SMITH. in the firm name on the barrel.  There is no serial number in the metal on the bottom of the grip.  There is a serial number stamped on the inside of one of the wood grips - 4022.  There is a two diget assemblers number on the frame, the cylinder and the back of the barrel which looks like 48.   

    The pistol is complete and original.  The barrel address is sharp and deep.  The metal has a lot of the original blue finish remaining.  50 % or more.  It is on the frame, barrel and cylinder .  The hammer is a silver grey color.  The action works well.  The patent information is stamped on the cylinder.  There are a few small areas of light pitting.  The wood grips are rosewood and have most of their varnish remaining.  The bore has strong rifling.