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    Smith Carbine  SOLD

    This 50 caliber breechloading percussion carbine used a rubber cartridge and was fired using a percussion cap.  This design was patented in 1857 and tested for government service in 1860.  Over 30,000 were purchased by the government.  The Smith was popular and served in every theater of the war. 

    This example is unissued and beautiful.  The barrel is blued with over 95% remaining.  The bore is mint.   The action is crisp and all of the markings are clear, deep and sharp.   The finish is almost complete with a little flaking on the barrel band and buttplate.  The retaining spring on top and the triggerguard are both fire blued and have glare in my pictures,  There is some fading in the case colors on the frame and hammer, however there are several areas of nice case colors.  The stock is solid and has very crisp cartouches.  This is an above average example of a high finish Smith.