Susat Civil War Antiques
  • Single bag Knapsack


    Single Bag Knapsack   SOLD

    This is a painted cloth single bag knapsack.  The shoulder straps cross in the back and extend to become the shoulder straps.  This is a scarce knapsack design and rarely seen.  The body of the bag is machine sewn and coated.  There is a flap with two closure straps.  The buckle setup on the bottom of the knapsack is set up similar to the typical federal knapsack.  It has the brass pins in the shoulder strap and the short additional strap with the belt hooks.   This particular example came from the Kurtz collection, which had an amazing selection of knapsacks and other items.  The body of the bag has been stuffed with paper so it displays well and looks like it is loaded.  There is a break in the body of the bag and two of the leather straps are broken.  They can be repaired.  

    This is a good solid example of a scarce piece of equipment.