Susat Civil War Antiques


    This Model 1863 Single Action Starr is complete with a good action.  These single action armies were produced after the double action armies.  There was pressure on Starr to lower the cost of his pistols.  And these single actions pistols were his response.  They were popular.  The metal is grey metal with scattered amounts of light pitting.  There are traces of blue under the barrel.  The serial number on the frame and cylinder match.  The marks on the metal are deep and readable.  The wood grips are in good condition with visible cartouches.  There is a repair on the bottom of the grips.  A small strip of wood inlaid in the bottom of the grip.  The serial number range on the Starr M 1863 started at apx 23,000 and ran through 54,000 giving a total production of app. 31,000.  The Starr was the third most common handgun used in the Civil War behind Colt and Remington.