Susat Civil War Antiques


    The New Model 1863 was an improvement of the New Model 1859 and went into production in the spring of 1863 and ended in 1865 with a production of about 60,000 carbines.  As the war progressed the US Cavalry focused on equipping their soldiers with either Sharps or Spencer carbines.  The Sharps was one of the most heavily used and liked carbines.  They were used in every theater of the war.  After the war 30,000 were converted to centerfire cartridge and used in the early Indian War Period. 

    This example is complete and original.  The metal is a grey patina with some scattered areas of light pitting.  The marks are all solid clear and readable with the exception of the New Model 1863 on the barrel.  The word NEW is readable but not the rest.  The action is strong and crisp.  The bore has sharp rifling.  The stock is solid with a few bumps and bruises.  There is a portion of a oval line of the cartouche remaining.  There are inspector's marks on the metal parts.