Susat Civil War Antiques


    Savage Navy Pistol.   SOLD

    This unique design with the two triggers, allowed for the user to rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer with the lower ring trigger. The upper trigger would release the hammer. There was another interesting feature about this revolver.  When the cylinder rotated, it moved slightly to the rear.  When the ring trigger was released, the cylinder mover forward where a recess in the front of each chamber slid over the rear of the barrel.  This provided a better gas seal.

    These distinctive 36 caliber revolvers were made in 1861 and 1862 with a total production of 20,000.  The first contract with the US Army was for 5000 pistols and was dated October 16, 1862.  A second contract for an additional 5000 was issued the following month.  Both contracts specified all deliveries to be complete by May 1862.  The US ordinance department took delivery of 11,384 pistols.  The final delivery was in July 1862.  

    The pistols saw extensive field service with use in over 25 Union Cavalry Regiments and use in several Confederate units as well.  

    This example functions well.  The metal is a smooth grey patina with scattered areas of light pitting.  The barrel marking is strong and readable.  The serial number is located on the frame and under the barrel.  On this one they match and are 5606.  There are inspectors initials on the metal parts.  The grips are solid and have a cartouche on the left grip.  There are some chips out of the grips.  Also there are two initials carved in the bottom of the grip.