Susat Civil War Antiques


    Rogers and Spencer Pistol. SOLD

    Rogers Spencer & Company produced Pettengill Army and Navy revolvers.  I November 1864 they received a US Government contract to produce 5000 revolvers.  This design is thought the be among the best percussion revolvers produced.  Deliveries started in January 1865 and continued until all were delivered in September 1865.  The contract was for 5000 revolvers, but total production was around 5,800 pistols. 

    This example appears unused.  It has some inspectors marks on the metal, but there are no cartouches on the grips.  Therefore this is one that would have been available on the commercial market.  The firm name is deeply stamped on the top strap.    The serial number is stamped on the frame, cylinder, rammer lever and the bottom of the backstrap and all match.  The frame, barrel and cylinder show most of the original blue finish.  The hammer and ramrod were case hardened and while most has faded to an even grey color, some color remains  on the top of the lever and the lower portions of the hammer.  The action is strong and crisp.