Susat Civil War Antiques


    This Remington Old Model Navy is an example of the model that followed the Beals.  Production of the Beals ended in early 1862.  This is a nice example and is serial number 21039. This pistol was made in 1862.   The new Model design came out in early 1863 replacing this model. The action is tight and solid.  The barrel has 30-40 % bluing on it and a deep barrel address.  The bore is very nice.  The frame is a nice silvery color with a few areas of scattered light pitting.  The cylinder has some plumb color and the rest is an even grey patina.  The grips fit nice and have a few nicks but are overall smooth and sharp.  The new feature for this model is that the loading lever web is notched to allow for the cylinder pin to be moved forward without unlatching the loading level.  This proved to be an unsuccessful modification.  The cylinder pin often slid forward when the pistol was fired.. Also safety notches were added in the rear of the cylinder and the frame was decreased in size so the barrel threads are no visible.  There is a "B" stamped on the left of the frame near the barrel threads.   The barrel address reads "PATENTED DEC 17 1861; MANUFACTURED BY REMINGTON ILION NY".