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    Remington Beals Navy. SOLD

    The Beals Navy was Remington's first large frame revolver.  The Beals patent was granted in 1858 and covered the winged cylinder pin.  The wings fit in a notch on the loading lever.  The cylinder pin could only be removed when the loading lever was down.  Production started in late 1860 or early 1861.  Production ended in 1862 with a total production of 15000 pistols. While the US government did contract with Remington, over 7250 pistols were purchased by the government on the open marked and did not go through an inspection process.  Over 11,000 were purchased by the government which is about 78 % of the Production.

    This example is a nice grey patina.  The barrel marking show some wear.  The metal has some areas of light pitting and the action works well.  The Beals model has a square part of the loading lever base and now safety notches in the cylinder.  The wood grips are solid and there is a small repair on the toe of one grip.