Susat Civil War Antiques


    Potts and Hunt Bar on Band Rifle


    The 1858 bar on band rifle was produced with both iron and brass buttplate and triggerguard.  There were several patterns of short rifles made.  This type has the saber bayonet lug attached to the upper barrel band.  To strengthen  the band, a screw through the band extends through the stock,  the rear sight is mounted closer to the lower barrel band than on the 3 band rifle musket.  Potts and Hunt operated in London and sold commercial Enfields to both the North and the South.  Colt had bought longarms from them.  They also sold to southern buyers.  

    This example is a commercial Enfield and has export barrel proof.  The metal is a smooth brown patina with areas of light pitting.  The barrel proof marks are visible.  The rear sight is missing the ladder slide.  The rifling is 5 grooves.  Most Bar on Band rifles had a different type of rifling, but the 5 groove rifling was standard on the 1860 model rifle.  That suggest this rifle was made 1860 or 1861.  The triggerguard , buttplate and nosecap are made of brass.  The triggerguard has a sling swivel.  The stock is solid and full length.  It has been sanded and has the normal dings and bumps.  There is a name stamped in the toe of the butt " Wilson &   " and a crown is visible behind the triggerguard.