Susat Civil War Antiques


    P1861 Cartridge Box - with Storm maker marks

    The pattern 1861 cartridge box was adopted in 1861 and was produced until replace with the P1864 box.  They  were the most commonly used cartridge box by Union forces in the civil war.  They have copper rivets on the waist belt loops which distinguishes them from the P1857 cartridge box. 

    This example is marked with Storm & Co on each side piece.  It is complete with the tins, the leather sling and both plates.  The leather is solid and all stitching is strong.  There is an old label inside the flap but is just says 1861 cartridge box.  The strap is solid and full length.  It has no weak spots. The US plate on the cartridge box has a plain back and looks like it was polished at one time. The buckles are both attached though one has one of the leather loops missing.  It is being held in place by the other intact leather loop.  The sling has a period name written on the inside.  it is hard to read but to me looks like Johnathon Bushnell.