Susat Civil War Antiques


    Pattern 1857 Cartridge Box. SOLD

    With the adoption of the 1855 series of arms and revision to the leather cartridge box was adopted.  Two new sizes were created, one for 58 caliber ammunition and one for 69 rifled ammunition.  Also waist belt loops were added.  This allowed the soldier to carry the box on a shoulder sling or the waist belt.  It seems soldiers in the field had cut slits in the body of their 1839 pattern boxes.  The 1857 box was produced for a short time before war broke out.  In 1861 a new pattern was adopted - it added copper rivets to the waist belt loops.  With the mobilization for the war most supplies of existing accoutrements were issues snd saw service.  

    This example is solid and has both buckles firmly attached.  It has the early style brass finial as well as the tins.  The brass US plate is present as well.  This example has no maker marks.  When I got this box it had a poor copy of a latch tab added which I removed and I added a reproduction latch tab.