Susat Civil War Antiques


    Pattern 1857 69 Cal round ball cartridge box.  SOLD

    The Pattern 1857 cartridge boxes were developed to work with the 1855 pattern of long arms.  Waist belt loops were added because soldiers in the field were cutting the backs of the Pattern 1839 cartridge boxes- made without waist belt loops.  Note that the Pattern 1857 Cartridge Box did not have rivets in the waist belt loops.    When production started in the 1850s this pattern box was produced sized for 58 caliber and 69 elongated ball.  They were produced by Allegheny Arsenal and 4 contractors.  The contractors marked their products.  Allegheny Arsenal did not mark their boxes until 1862.  With the start of the war in 1861 Allegheny Arsenal made a run of Patter 1857 cartridge boxes in the 69 round ball size.  The contractors placed the waist belt straps in a wider spread than Allegheny.

    This example has wear shows use.  The buckles are missing as well as the tins.  There is a good US cartridge box plate on the front flap.  There are two holes in the side panes.  It probably was rigged up with a strap for post war veterans parades.  The waist belt loops placement is centered matching the New York placement.  The box itself is solid and displays well.  This is a rare pattern of cartridge box.  Made in small quantities at the beginning of the war they saw hard usage.