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  • P1861 CARTRIDGE BOX - Dingee


    P1861 CARTRIDGE BOX - Dingee

    This is a pattern 1861 cartridge box made from late 1861 through 1864.  It is marked "H A DINGEE    N. YORK"  on the inner flap.  This box is complete with both buckles, tins and a US plate. The leather is solid and seams are tight.  Even the latch tab is complete.  The flap is solid and flexible.  The leather surface has age cracking but is only on the surface and does not affect the stability of the leather.

    Dingee went into partnership with Lorigan  in 1863 and marked their boxes  Dingee & Lorigan  New York.  This box probably dates from 1862 or early 1863.    SOLD