Susat Civil War Antiques
  • P1861 CARTRIDGE BOX - 69 Cal. Elongated ball


    Pattern 1861 CARTRIDGE BOX - 69 Cal. Elongated ball 

    This cartridge box is the Pattern 1861 with the rivets on the waist belt loops but nowhere else.  This is a very nice example.  It is the type issued with rifled 69 caliber muskets.  It is complete with latch tab, both buckles firmly in place and all stitching tight.  The leather is solid and smooth.  It does have the US plate and tins inside.  One of the tin dividers is missing.  There is an oval makers stamp on the inside of the flap adjacent to the latch tab.  It is hard to make out but the state seems to be Massachusetts. 

    This box presents well and is in very nice condition   SOLD