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  • P1853 TOWER ENFIELD - 1862 - Tiffiny

    $1,450.00 $1,350.00

    P1853 Enfield Tower Short Rifle dated 1862

    This two band short rifle is not equipped with a bayonet lug.  The lock is marked Tower and dated 1862.  The Barrel has the Birmingham proof marks and has a deep brown patina.  The rear sight is missing.  The barrel tang screw is missing.  The the sling swivel is present on the upper band and it is missing the lower swivel but has the hole for it in the trigger guard.  The action is solid and strong.  The metal is a deep brown patina.  The stock shows a repaired crack in the lock area.  The ramrod is missing.   The barrel is 33 1/2" long and the nosecap is 5" from the muzzle.

    This rifle has marks on the stock behind the trigger guard, of a Star over a TC.  This is stamped twice into the wood.  These are the marks of Tiffany & Co.  Tiffany purchased a number of different models of Enfields and imported them into the US in 1861 and 1862.  Figures show during that time frame Tiffany imported 5840 long Enfields, 60 Short Enfield Rifles with Bayonets, 480 Short Enfields ; 40 Engineers Rifles and 396 Minie Rifles. Their final deliveries seem to have been in March 1862.   This example, with no provision for a bayonet,  falls into the 480 Rifle category.   

    Though a very rare example of a imported Enfield rifle, this example has seen some hard use.  Coming in early in 1862 it would have been in the field for the Summer battles of 1862 and beyond.  It is missing the barrel tang screw.  The stock shows wear from use, and has some dings and a  crack in the wood opposite the lock.    The metal is an even brown patina.  With less than 500 imported these were issued quickly and saw active service