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    P1853 Enfield - Type II 

    This is a type II enfield with solid barrel bands and band springs.  This example has the export proof Mark's on the barrel.  It is marked Tower on the lock and is dated 1859.  This type was made in the mid 1850s and most went straight into the British military and served in Crimea.  This one however has barrel proof Mark's for export.  British military proofs were different.  There are examples of period photographs of union soldiers with type II enfields.  Also some were imported into the confederacy. 

    This example is complete and original.  The metal is a brown color with light pitting on the metal.  The lock markings are light but the barrel markings are clear.  The stock is a light colored walnut and has clear stampings of " Williams & Powell Liverpool" on the toe of the stock and opposite the lock.  There is a small chip out of the stock adjacent to the breechplug tang.  Also there is name engraved in the buttplate tang.  "F WRIGHT 17".