Susat Civil War Antiques
  • P1853 - ENFIELD - 1863 - BSA - Anchor S



    Lock marked TOWER 1863.  This Enfield is a Birmingham product and has the Birmingham Small Arms Trade stamp in the stock.  The Anchor S stamp is very sharp and clear and is stamped in the wood in front of the buttplate tang.  Enfields imported in 1861 and 1862 were marked in various ways - engraved numbers on the buttplate tang and JS anchor stamp are probably the most familiar.  The Anchor S stamp shows up on enfields dated 1863 and 1864.  Most of the 1863 imports shipped to Wilmington  NC and fed the eastern Confederacy.  Many of the anchor S carbines shipped to the Trans-Mississippi and were used in Western departments.  

    This example is full length and shows use.  It is missing the rear sight,  The metal is a deep brown patina.  The markings are strong and readable on the lock and barrel.  The is scattered areas of pitting.  There is some burnout near the cone and the cone is missing the top shaft where the cap was placed.  The action works.  There is some dryness in the stock.  There is the mark of the contractor who made the rifle stamped in the wood on the toe of the stock. It looks like Joseph Wilson.   The original ramrod is full length, there is an obstruction in the ramrod channel preventing the ramrod from fully seating.  Also on each side of the butt is some soldier art.