Susat Civil War Antiques



    Pair of Confederate Manuals identified to James Wynn 19 NC state troops 2nd NC Cavalry.  The 19 NC state troops became the 2nd NC Cavalry.   These two manuals have ink notations in each -  identifying the owner.  Getting two confederate manuals identified to the same soldier is unusual.  

    The first manual is a copy of Hardee's Tactics printed in Memphis in 1861.  This is a scarce edition of confederate Hardee's.  It is a soft cover book and has the original bindings which are tight.  The paper lable on the front cover is almost completely gone.  Also part of the front foldout plate is missing.  In spite of that the book is a tight solid copy.  I will provide a good copy of the front label from one in my collection.  

    The second book is a copy of the 1862 Confederate Army Regulations.  This book was printed in Richmond.  This book shows more wear.  The boards are complete and original.  The front binding is cracked and has not separated.  The spine label is worn.  There is a dated inscription in the front.  It reads  

    J M Wynn

    2nd N.C. Cav

    W H Lee's Brigade

    Stewarts Division

    Army N Virginia

    July 1st 1863