Susat Civil War Antiques


    1841 Harpers Ferry Rifle. SOLD

    The 1841 rifle was produced at Harpers Ferry from 1844 until 1855 with a total production of 25,296.  An additional 66,500 were produced by a variety of contractors. The rifle is 54 caliber and has a simple rear sight. The origional design had no provision for a bayonet.    During the 1850's a  number of alterations were performed at Harpers Ferry to add a bayonet and improve the sights.  

    This example is dated 1850 on the lock and 1852 on the barrel.  The metal is a grey brown patina with some areas of light pitting.  The markings are visible and readable.  The barrel in addition to the VP over an eagle head has AW over P which is a Harper Ferry inspection mark.  The stock has the pilot holes for the bit in the patchbox which is a Harpers Ferry characteristic.   There is a block letter inspectors stamp inside the patchbox inletting.  The bore is nice and has 7 groove rifling.