Susat Civil War Antiques


    French 1854 Knapsack. SOLD

    This knapsack is a very nice example of a knapsack used in america.  Is is constructed of painted cloth on a wood frame with leather straps.  It is somewhat unique in design in that there are side straps so the blanket roll is horseshoe shaped and wraps around three sides of the knapsack.  The flap has a pocket that is accessible from the inside.  

    There are several identified to confederate soldiers in private hands and in museums.  This famous image of Thomas Taylor in the 8th LA seems to show him wearing one.  Another knapsack in private hands is identified to a soldier in the 8th La.  The Atlanta History Center has one identified to a soldier in the 18th Ga.  Also 10,000 french knapsacks were imported into the north.  While it is not know if these were made in the south or if all were imported.  

    Coming with this knapsack is a letter from a prominent confederate collector.  That letter came with this knapsack when it was sold in 2011.  It is an example of a scarce knapsack that were used in the south.    SOLD