Susat Civil War Antiques

1- CS Tintype - Whitsel Ransom - 4th Tenn Cav


CS Tintype

This image comes with a newspaper clipping referring to the young man in the photograph.  He shows up in the 1860 census as Whitsel Ransom PO Belfast Tenn with a wife named Martha and a little boy and girl.  He was 35 in 1860.  He signed up when the war broke out in an independent company that mustered in as Co A 4th Tenn Cav in Nov. 1862.  The regiment was renumbered to the 8th Tenn Cav. later.  Mr. Ransom was captured in 1863 and spent time in Baltimore. 

The 1/6th plate sized image is in a split case and he is in a dark uniform with a large knife and a revolver.  He has a determined look.