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  • CS ENFIELD - 1862

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    1862 Dated Enfield. SOLD

    With the Start of the Civil War the south turned to Europe to purchase arms and equipment.  Buyers were dispatched and soon supplies started arriving.  1853 Enfield's were desired. In total the Confederacy imported over 400,000 Enfield's during the war.  The first large purchase of 30,000, that were shipped were marked with an engraved number, a furnisher's initial and a JS Anchor.  Other purchases were marked differently.  Sinclair Hamilton continued to be a major supplier.  SH G in an oval was one of the marks used in purchases after the numbered guns.  As in earlier contracts Sinclair Hamilton  used a number of suppliers for the rifles.  The SHG stamp has a number - from 1 to 5 after the G.  The numbers 1 to 5 is thought to refer to one of the firms supplying the rifles.  Various marks have been identified for these rifles. This 1862 example has three such marks.  First in the wood, in front of the buttplate tang is a SH over a G3 over a crown.  Next on the breech of the barrel, behind the Birmingham proof marks is a SHG in an oval.  Last there is a script cartouche opposite the lock   This mark is script and reads either TC or JC. 

    This example shows use but is a very good.  The metal is a grey patina with most marking clear, deep and readable.  The lock is nice with the crown and 1862 date.  The barrel shows some scattered areas of pitting. The rear sight is present. The rifling is visible.  The barrel and stock are full length.  The ramrod is original and is marked with a Co.  The stock is solid and has a furnishers stamp behind the triggerguard.  The barrel bands are present though, on the upper band the sling swivel is missing.  The rifle does have the cone protector.