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  • Confederate Cartridge Box -Gettysburg


    Confederate Cartridge Box -Gettysburg.  SOLD

    This cartridge box has an interesting history.  It is semi relic.  The leather is stiff and somewhat shriveled.  That being said it is solid and stable.  The box is southern construction.  There is a lead finial,  squared off waist belt loops and a single line of stitching between the shoulder belt loops.  Unquestionable southern production.  The flap is not cut for a plate and has a carved shield with lInes in the shield.  There is a set of initials as well W H T.   The box is constructed for both waist belt and shoulder belt suspension. The outer flap is very stiff and pretty rigid.  Peeking under the flap there is an inner flap and impliment pouch.  The tins are gone.  There is one buckle still remaining.  

    With the box is an issue of Maryland Cracker Barrel magazine for Oct/Nov 2005 with an article on this cartridge box.   In 2004 a house in Maryland on the Gettysburg retreat route burned.  It was built in 1893 and was on the Trovinger property near the old stone bridge on Old Forge Road over Antietam creek. Going through the burned house to salvage items a number of civil war objects were found. Two cartridge boxes were among the items found.  The current family historian mentioned that family history talked of two cartridge boxes were walled into the building.  During the war the family ran a grist mill on the site.  The road was used by Lee's army retreating from Gettysburg.  And there was a hospital on the site.  The cartridge boxes probably came with the wounded.  The article pictures the other cartridge box and in the second picture shows a portion of this box.  It also mentions the initials on this box.  

    This is a southern made cartridge box with an interesting Gettysburg connection.  SOLD