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  • COLT 1860 ARMY - 4 SCREW 1861


    Colt 1860 Army  4 Screw  SOLD

    In 1859 Colt started trying to streamline the Dragoon Revolver.  They kept the 44 caliber and used the navy frame and added a rebate to the cylinder.  And the barrel was streamlined.  The resulting design was almost half the weight of the old dragoon.  The Colt 1860 Army became the most popular handgun used in the war.  Deliveries started in the spring of 1861 and continued until the Colt factory burned late in the war.  Over 150,000 were produced and most saw service.  

    This example has a serial number a little over 10,000.  The first 25,000 had a fourth screw on the frame to assist the shoulder stock in locking onto the pistol.  It was discovered that the 4th screw was unnecessary and it was omitted.  This example has all matching serial numbers including the wedge.  The markings are all sharp and visible.  There is an inspectors cartouche in the left grip.  There is not a visible cartouche on the right grip.  Some of the inspectors only marked one grip.  Inspector's initials are on the barrel and cylinder.  The frame has most of the color case harding visible.  There are a few traces of bluing in some recesses.  I suspect for some reason some of the bluing was intentionally removed.  The cylinder scene has wear and has 30 to 40% remaining.   The action is crisp and solid.  The bore is nice with strong rifling.  This is a nice early 4 screw Army that has some crispness.