Susat Civil War Antiques


    Colt 1851 Navy - Iron Guard


    The 1851 Navy was a very popular handgun for Colt.  They were used in the California Gold Rush and sold to both the Army and Navy in the 1850s.  Produced in 4 models and with other features such as a shoulder stock, they are popular to collect.  Colt also had a factory in London to produce them.  One variant is that some were produced with Iron trigger guard and backstrap, such as this one.   The navy specified iron trigger guard and backstrap.  One navy contract included pistols close to this one in serial number range.  This example is a civilian pistol with iron guard and backstrap.  

    This example is very good to fine condition with original blue on the barrel and case colors on the rammer.  The bluing runs along the barrel flats and around the wedge.  The rest of the metal has a smooth brown patina.  The markings are all sharp and clear and the cylinder scene is strong.  The action is tight and solid.  This pistol was produced in 1856.  The wood grips are smooth with only a few small dings.  

    This pistol comes with a period slim Jim leather holster.  The holster fits snug and looks to have been cutdown and modified during it's working life.  At one time it had a sewn on belt loops - the holes remain.  Currently there are slots cut in the holster for a belt.