Susat Civil War Antiques


    Colt 1851 Navy Hartford Address


    The 1851 Navy came out in time for the California Gold Rush.  Also the flow of people heading west increased significantly in the 1850's.  Coming off the War with Mexico Colts were in demand and the Navy was the preferred choice for carrying on you belt.  They were purchased by the US army.  Western notables like Buffalo Bill and Mark Twain both carried them.  Around 100,000 were produced before the Civil War.  

    This example was made just prior to fighting broke out.  In 1860 and early 1861 many Colts went south.  1861 production started at 98000, so this one was produced in the first couple of months in 1861.  This example is 5 serial numbers below a known 1851 navy that was sent to South Carolina.  While Colt is known for not packing his shipments in sequential serial numbers, this still is in the prime range to have gone South.  

    This one has matching serial numbers except for the wedge which is a unnumbered period wedge.  The markings are all clear and readable.  The cylinder scene is good with 50-60% remaining.  The action is solid.  The metal is a grey patina with small areas of scattered pitting.  There is some silver remaining on the triggerguard and a large amount of the factory varnish remains on the wood grips.  SOLD