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  • COLT 1851 NAVY Hartford Address


    Colt 1851 Navy Hartford Address


    The Colt 1851 Navy came out as  a belt pistol during the California gold rush.  The other options were the Dragoon or the 1849 Pocket Pistol.  The navy became quite popular.  In the later half of the 1850's the US army bought navies to arm their mounted troops on the frontier.  With the sectional crisis brewing in the late 1850's, many southern states started buying military arms and equipment.  This 1851 Navy was produced in late 1860.  Many of these went south just before the war.  

    This example has matchi ng numbers including the wedge.  The metal is a smooth dark patina mixed with finish on both the barrel and rammer.  The markings are all sharp and clear.  There is a lot of silver on the trigger guard and back strap.  The barrel address is Hartford Conn.  The cylinder scene is 70 % or more.  The grips are nice with most of the varnish remaining.  The action is nice.  

    There is a name scratched on the backstrap.