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  • Colt 1851 Navy Hartford


    Colt 1851 Navy - Hartford Address


    The 1851 Navy was a popular Colt Product, even into the post war period.  The were carried in the Gold Rush, by US Cavalry in the 1850s, during the Civil War and during the post war  west.  

    This example was produced in the early months of1861, just at the start of the Civil War.  In the time before the war, Colt was selling pistols South as the crisis escalated.  Orders were sent to Richmond and other southern locations as late as April 1861.  This example shows use.  The metal is a gray color with scattered areas of pitting.  The serial number is visible on the barrel, loading lever, frame, trigger guard and backstrap.  the cylinder has no visible number nor scene .  There is some silver visible on the triggerguard.  The action is nice and the barrel address is clear.  It has the Hartford address.