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    Colt 1851 Navy

    The 1851 was designed to be a larger belt pistol.  It is between the pocket and dragoon in both size and caliber.  It came out just after the war with Mexico and was carried out to the gold fields and the west.  In the 1850s they were purchased by US Army to arm troops on the Frontier.  Wild Bill Hitchcock carried a pair.  

    This example was made in 1852.  It has a smooth grey patina on the metal with some small areas of light pitting.  The markings are deep and readable.  The Colts Patent mark on the frame is the early version.  The cylinder scene is light but 30 to 40 percent visible.  The action works.  The serial numbers match except for the wedge which is numbered and about 30 numbers off.  The wood grips are solid with signs of wear.