Susat Civil War Antiques
  • COLT 1851 NAVY


    SOLD    The Colt 1851 Navy was a very popular model.  They were produced from 1851 until 1872 with a total production around 215,000. This one serial number 117812 was made late in 1861. The production figures for Colt have the 1862 production starting at 118,000.  This has a tight action. This action is very nice. All numbers match including the wedge and rammer. The barrel has crisp corners and a sharp barrel address.  Also there is about 30-40 % blue on the barrel mostly around the rear near the wedge and rammer.  There is some blue on the bottom portion of the barrel flats.  The frame has about 60-70% case colors on both sides of the flat portion of the frame.   The rounded shield portion of the frame has most of the color worn off and is a nice silvery color. The loading lever also has visible case colors.  The "COLT'S PATENT" mark is strong and deep.  The cylinder has a great scene. The ships, sails and rigging are clear and readable.  The cylinder even has 3 safety pins intact.   The wood grips are smooth and fit well.  There is a small chip on the bottom of the right grip This is a very pretty gun.