Susat Civil War Antiques
  • COLT 1849 POCKET Hartford


    COLT 1849 Pocket.  

    The 1849 pocket model series was colts most productive of the percussion era.  They were made from 1849 till 1872 with a total production of around 325,000.  This example was made early in 1861 and has the "Hartford" barrel address. 

    This one has a 4" barrel with 20 to 30 % original blue.  There are a few patches of fine pitting on the pistol.  The numbers match. 

    The wedge does match as well.  The cylinder is a 5 shot.  The loading lever has color case hardening showing.  The cylinder scene is strong and only shows light wear.  There are faded case colors on the frame.  The action is good.  The backstrap and trigger guard are iron - parts colt brought from London when he closed the London plant.  Apx 1200 pockets were made with the iron trigger guard and backstrap. I have tested the backstrap with a magnet and it does stick.  The grips have original varnish.