Susat Civil War Antiques
  • COLT 1849 POCKET - 6 In Barrel - 1854


    Colt 1849 Pocket Pistol.  SOLD

    This 6" Barrel pocket pistol is fine example of Colt's most popular percussion pistol.  Over 300000 were made from 1849 until 1872.  This example was made in 1854.  The pistol is complete with matching numbers except for the wedge.  The wedge is numbered, it just does not match.  The metal is very nice with a lot of finish on the barrel and the frame.  The blue on the barrel is about 70%. The frame has about 70% of the case colors.  The cylinder has almost no blue remaining but the scene is above 90%. The rammer has nice case colors as well.  The wood grips have 80 to 90% Varnish remaining. Most of the silver remains on the trigger guard while the backstrap has some wear to the silver on the back of the grip.