Susat Civil War Antiques

    $1,225.00 $1,100.00

    This CS cartridge box was made in the Atlanta system.  It was made with a imported English finial and records show that they were used at Atlanta.  This box is not marked.  It has pointed waist belt loops .  The English style finial is gone but the circle of stitching holding it in place remain.  Both roller buckles are attached.  This style of box has no implement pouch.  The inner flap is a thin brown leather.  There are no tins.  The stitching is all tight and the box is solid.  One of the waist belt loops look to have some repair.  The outer flap has been crudely trimmed.  A strip of leather was left in the center to allow the flap to be latched.  That seems to suggest that it was a field alteration - perhaps to get some leather to repair something.  Also there are some initials carved in the outer flap.  A solid affordable CS box.