Susat Civil War Antiques


    Ames 1850 Foot Officers sword


    The 1850 foot officers sword was designed for Lieutenants and Captains.  Most officers purchased their uniforms and equipment.  Some swords like this one were purchased and inspected by the Army and provided to the officers.  The swords purchased by the army were marked with a US and inspectors initials and often dated.  This sword has had some of the marks removed intentionally.  Not sure when or why they were removed.  However the Date 1861 remains.  The US and inspectors initials have been removed.  The other side of the base of the blade has had part of the Ames name and address removed.  There is enough remaining to tell it was an Ames address.   

    The sword is complete with an Ames marked leather scabbard.  The sword and scabbard show use.  Most of the etching is visible on the blade with a clear US.  There are some nicks in the blade.  The leather scabbard is complete with no repairs or breaks.  There is some staining on the blade.   The sharkskin and wire wrap are original.