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  • A Confederate Cartridge Box - Lead Finial


    Confederate Cartridge Box   SOLD

    This cartridge box is a copy of the pattern 1857 cartridge box.  It was made for both a shoulder sling and waist belt.  There are no rivets.  The leather used is various thicknesses and colors with several shades of brown being represented.  The box is mostly complete with the buckles being detached.  Yet the rest of the leather is solid and firmly attached.  It shows wear, especially on the bottom of the box.  There are no tins and the outer flap is somewhat stiff.  

    About the confederate nature of the box.  It does have a lead finial.  Looking inside the box you can see the shaft of the finial secured by a square metal washer.  The construction of the box is typical of confederate boxes.  The sides of the box are one piece of leather.  The stitching is fewer stitches to the inch, and the center portion of the shoulder strap loop is sewn with a single line of stitching.  The quality of the leather indicates southern manufacture.  

    This is a strong example of a Confederate cartridge box that displays well.