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  • 1864 Inspection Report for McGuirk's, Ashcroft and Lorings Regiments

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    October 1864 Report of Gholson's Brigade of Confederate Cavalry. SOLD

    1 page hand made form - front and back

    By mid-1863, Gholson held the rank of major general of Mississippi State Troops. He was awarded the grade of brigadier general in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States to rank from May 6, 1864. He was placed in command of a brigade of cavalry attached to the division of Brig. Gen. James Chalmers under Maj. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest. While serving in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, Gholson was severely wounded in a fight with Union cavalry on December 27, 1864, at Egypt, Mississippi. His left arm had to be amputated, ending his combat duty for the duration of the war.

    3rd Cavalry Regiment was organized during the spring of 1863 as the 3rd Mississippi State Cavalry . It was mustered into Confederate service in April, 1864. Some of the men were recruited in Calhoun and Grenada counties. It surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The field officers were Colonel John McGuirk, Lieutenant Colonel H.H. Barksdale, and Major Thomas W. Webb. 

    This report dates from the time Hood was moving northward where he would fight at Franklin and Nashville.  Wheelers Cav corps remained in Georgia and Hood wanted General Forrest to lead the advance into Tennessee.  This inspection report dates from the end of October 1864 when this brigade was moving into Tennessee.  There is no station marked on this piece of paper.  But it is a tabulation of the relative number of men and their condition.  It is interesting the number of men listed Absent without leave.  In the field officers for McGuirk's regiment the Major was "killed in Atlanta - none appointed"  The inspector's officer's remarks for Loring's Regiment "....I doubt if the great criminality of desertion had ever been impressed on them.  Drill ordinary - Arms in tolerable order - accoutrements & horse equipment deficient - clothing very bad"  This is an interesting snapshot of this brigade about to embark on an important campaign.