Susat Civil War Antiques


    This Enfield is a Birmingham made longarm.  The lock is marked TOWER 1862.  The barrel has Birmingham proofs and the rear sight.  There are some area of light pitting on the barrel but overall there is a pleasing grey patina.  The lock is a similar pleasing grey with deep marks and a crisp action.  The stock is sound and has good corners.  There is a "Birmingham Small Arms Trade" stamp in the butt.  The stamp is strong and clear.  Also on the underside of the stock is the mark "W.L.Sargant" and a small BSAT stamp behind the triggerguard.  Additionally there are several other stamps on the rifle.  The barrel has "30" stamped on the rear of the barrel and on the brrechplug tang.  The opposide of the lock there is a "old 13" and another "30" stamped in the wood between the lock screws.  The ramrod is a period replacement and looks to be a handforged  trumpet shaped ramrod.  While there are no CS import marks on this rifle, it is in the prime time for importation.  The "30" marks, while not definitaley attributed appear to be some sort of inventory mark for perhaps a GAR post.  This is a good solid example of a 1862 dated Enfield. SOLD