Susat Civil War Antiques


    NJ marked 1816 Remington conversion. SOLD

    This musket started out as a flintlock smoothbore musket.  In the late 1840's the army converted much of their flintlock reserve to percussion.  Also the army tested the Maynard tape primer system.  Testing the system was done in Texas and New Mexico and test results were promising.  The army decided to adopt the taper primer system for their new model of longarms.  Additionally flintlock muskets were also converted to percussion with a patent breech, rifled and a new lock that incorporated the Maynard tap primer.  Remington provided the new locks and breeches and the actual conversion was done a Frankford Arsenal.  Deliveries of parts started in 1856 and continued into the spring of 1858. Between 1856 and 1859 a total of 21,952 were modified at Frankford arsenal.  Most had the new long range rear sight.  Toward the end of production rear sights were not installed, perhaps the supply of rear sights had been used and with the change in rear sights in 1858 no new ones were available.  The state of New Jersey received a number of converted muskets.  At the start of the Civil war these arms were in demand.  

    This example is dated 1858 on both the breech and the lock.   The rifled musket is full length and has what looks to be original 1842 ramrod.  The bayonet lug is missing from the barrel.  The metal is a pleasing grey color with scattered areas of light pitting.  The stock is full length and above average in condition.  The corners are sharp and the cartouche is crisp.  The primer mechanism is complete and the door is original.  This musket is marked NJ on the barrel.  To install the breech the rear of the barrel was removed and on this one they cut through on of the original barrel proof marks.