Susat Civil War Antiques


    1855 Springfield Rifle Musket  SOLD

    The 1855 series of infantry arms was developed after extensive testing of different calibers and rifling.  Both the Rifle and Rifle Musket were rifled and in 58 caliber.  Production started In 1857 and continued until 1861.  The Rifle Muskets were produced at both Springfield and Harpers Ferry.  The first design of the rifle musket had a sliding leaf long range rear sight. About 7000 were produced in this configuration at Springfield before a new rear sight was adopted in the summer of 1858.  Production changed to the new rear sight in August 1858.  Later changes included changing the nosecap from brass to iron and adding a patchbox.  The total production of the 1855 Rifle Musket at Springfield was 47,118 between 1857 and 1860.

    This example is dated 1858 on both the lock and the barrel.  It is a Type I configuration with the long range rear sight and brass nosecap.  The metal is smooth grey color with some scattered areas of pitting.  The rifle musket is complete and all origional with working primer mechanism.   The eagle on the origional primer door is sharp.  The V P and Eagle head a present.  This has the broken P in the V P that shows up at Springfield at this time.  There is good rifling in the bore.  The stock is solid and full length with some dents and bruises.  It does have two cartouches in the wood opposite the lock.  One is the ESA stamp of Erskin Allen who was the master Armorer at Springfield during this time.