Susat Civil War Antiques


    US 1851 Buff Leather Sword Belt-   SOLD

    This is a nice early example of this sword belt.  It has brown buff leather and is complete with both sword drops, and the over the shoulder strap.  It has the brass 1851 sword belt plate with applied silver wreath.  The wreath is in three pieces and all are there.  The buckle is unmarked - no arsenal or numbers.  The belt and keeper fit together nicely.  

    The buff leather was used prewar and was specified early in the civil war.  But buff leather was not available in the quantities needed and the government accepted waxed and bridle leather.  Late in the war buff leather became available again but rivets were added to assemble the belt.  This example has no rivets so it dates from before the war or early in the war.  

    The condition is excellent with very little wear.  There is some slight wear on the shoulder strap.  There are no weak spots or tears in the leather.  

    This is a nice example.