Susat Civil War Antiques


    1842 Springfield Musket  SOLD

    The 1842 musket was the first percussion musket produced in the National Armories.  It was also the first longarm that was interchangeable between the two armories.  Production started in 1844 with a total produced of almost 166,000 at Springfield from 1844 through 1855.

    This example is dated 1845 on the lock.  The barrel date is indistinct.   The V P and Eaglehead are sharp and clear.  This example is full length and all origional.  The metal is a deep brown patina with some areas of pitting.  The stock is full length and shows use.  There is a good clear cartouche in the flat opposite the lock.  There is a Crack at the rear lock screw.  And an initial in the left side of the butt.