Susat Civil War Antiques


    1840 Pomeroy Musket - Percussion Conversion - rifled and sighted


    The 1840 Flintlock Musket was the last model of flintlock musket produced.  It was produced at Springfield Armory and by two contractors, Lemuel Pomeroy who produced 7000 muskets 1840-1846 and Daniel Nippes who produced 5100 1842- 1848.  Most of the ones produced went directly into storage.  During this time the military started their inventory process for conversion to percussion.  Also the 1842 percussion musket started production in 1844.  Most of the production of 1840 muskets were converted to percussion in the early 1850s.  With the adoption of the rifle musket in 1855 the ordinance department started experiment with rifling some of the earlier cone in barrel conversions.  a number of  1816/22 conversions were rifled and sighted.  Through testing, the thinner barrels of the 1816 muskets developed problems with the increased pressures of the rifled bullets.  By 1859 The US had stopped rifling the cone in barrel conversions.  Also in 1859 Virginia requested rifled converted flintlock musket as part of their allotment under the 1808 militia act.  By the start if the Civil War Virginia had requested their allotment up to 1862.  It not known many rifled conversion muskets Virginia received.  But the ones sent were rifled 1840 conversion muskets they had thicker barrels than the 1816/22 muskets. 

    This example is dated 1843 on the lock and 1841 on the barrel.  It has the cone in barrel conversion, and has been rifled and sighted.   The markings are clear and readable.  There is some pitting on the metal, mostly in scattered areas.  The ramrod is a reproduction.  The action is strong.  The stock is sound, complete and full length.  It has a a light sanding at some point.  The cartouches are both visible.  The barrel has had about 3/8" removed at the muzzle,  When I started collecting in the 1970s some of the older shooters, recommending cutting a little of the end of the barrel to make it shoot better.  The original front barrel band has had the front sight modified by adding some metal to make the front sight a little taller.